Sunday, January 9, 2011

Too much time off

Between my illness and the weather, Panama and I have had a little too much time off in the past month, and we are now suffering the consequences.

I rode for about an hour Thursday evening, and it was like riding my horse two months ago instead of how he was the last time I had a serious ride, right before I got sick.  We had been working on bending and not falling in through the corners, two things he really struggles with, since his priorities are forward and fast, rather than control and focus.  He was "getting it," and I had been quite pleased with his progress...  But then I got sick, and apparently he forgot everything he'd been learning.

So Thursday evening was something of a struggle.  As a result, we worked on it during my lesson on Friday, too.  I was getting frustrated, so my trainer got up on him and accomplished in 5 minutes what I couldn't in 30.  Sigh.  But after that he realized what it was I wanted, and started responding better to my (apparently weak and confused) cues.  So we did see some improvements, but it sure took a lot of work — my legs were quite sore yesterday!

And unfortunately, we'll be having more time off this week: It's snowing today, and is supposed to get down into the deep-freeze temperatures again over the next few days.  Tomorrow is only supposed to be 14 degrees, too cold to ride even in the indoor (at least in my opinion — brrr!).  Tuesday they are calling for a toasty 24 degrees, but after an overnight low of -1, the indoor might still be too cold — we'll just have to wait and see.



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