Saturday, January 1, 2011

Ringing in the New Year

Happy New Year's, everyone!

My husband and I rang in the New Year in our usual, laid-back fashion.  Often we watch movies until late New Year's Eve, but last night we played one of the new board games we got ourselves for Christmas.

My horse, on the other hand, had a much merrier way of celebrating.  There is a new mare in his corral, a very pretty, but incredibly fuzzy, short and stocky palomino named Belle.  I already knew he rather liked her, although Savvy, the corral alpha, was being... well, very alpha.

I went out to the barn today, intending to ride but changing my mind when I discovered it was colder than they'd predicted — we had some snow on Thursday, followed by some extremely cold weather.  It has been below zero the past few nights, and I doubt it got out of single digits yesterday.  Today was supposed to be 23 and sunny, but it grew overcast around midday and never made it to 23.

Anyway, one of my fellow boarders informed me that he got some action yesterday.  Apparently Belle was being very inviting, lifting her tail and squirting, and Panama mounted her... TWICE!  I didn't even know he knew what to do!  But the really funny thing was the mental image my fellow boarder's description generated.  Apparently he needed a little help getting up there, so he bit her blanket and used that as leverage to haul himself up.  Ha!  I guess, little guy that he is, he must have a hard time reaching, if you know what I mean — and that's why I haven't seen or heard of him trying before!

And yes, before anyone asks, he IS gelded.  I've heard of (and seen) geldings mounting mares before — I guess they can still get up there and try, they just can't perform as well (or finish the job).  Belle must have realized that after those two tries, because supposedly after the second try, she started giving him mare-face over her shoulder to tell him to give it up.

I guess my horse really knows how to party it up!



At January 7, 2011 at 9:19 PM, Anonymous Melody said...


Hubby and I spend New Year's nice and quiet too. Not nearly as much fun as Panama was apparently having!


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