Monday, January 31, 2011


A snowstorm and deep freeze rolled in this morning — when I woke up this morning (kind of late) it was already snowing.  The temperature dropped throughout the day, and is currently in the single digits.  It's supposed to get down to -6 to -10 tonight, with wind chill values down to -15.  Tomorrow's high will hover right around 0 degrees, and Wednesday won't get any warmer than single digits.

Luckily I planned ahead, and put Panama's blanket on him late yesterday afternoon, even though it was only going to be in the mid-20s overnight.  I didn't want to be running out there in a hurry this morning!  The blanket will be on until Thursday morning, most likely, since it'll be too cold to ride (even inside).  Thursday is supposed to shoot up to a toasty 30 degrees or so.

I did get a short ride in yesterday afternoon, knowing the weather was going to turn.  We only rode for about 25 minutes, and with only one canter — mostly walk and trot work.  He was acting rather needy yesterday, mouthing excessively for attention (something he doesn't usually do — he even bit me when I stopped to chat with another boarder on the way out of the arena!).  This translated to a lack of focus, a kind of "being all over the place" type of behavior, under saddle.

I'm not sure why he felt so needy, considering he had had so much exercise two days before — I thought he'd still be recovering!  Ha.  My best guess is that he actually liked playing and working until he was tired — kind of like how satisfied we feel after a good ride or a good workout — and was itching for something a little more demanding than our short half-hour ride.  Despite his restlessness, though, we had a decent ride.  Nothing groundbreaking, but we were able to work through some of his antsy-ness and get the basics done.

It'll be nice when the weather warms up and I can ride some more!



At February 3, 2011 at 9:59 PM, Anonymous Melody said...

Cold weather is hard on everyone. I'm glad you thought ahead and put his blanket on him!

He sounds like such a sweetie.

At February 5, 2011 at 12:02 AM, Blogger Katharine Swan said...

Wait until you read tonight's post -- I definitely suffered the consequences of all that nasty cold weather! He IS a sweetie, though of course I might be a teeny bit biased. ;o)


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