Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Work on bending

My last 2 lessons have focused a lot on trying to get Panama to bend.  His issues with his "bad side" — he is clearly less comfortable moving clockwise, and tends to be stiff when I try to get him to bend to the right — combined with the fact that I really struggle with the coordination of leg yields at the trot, have made this a difficult challenge for both of us.

We're getting there, though at times I'd rather be doing something more fun.  Sometimes it takes most of the lesson to get that "aha" moment (from both of us), but it sure is satisfying when we finally do!

After our lesson today, we hung out and watched Daisy's young rider's lesson.  Panama seemed to enjoy standing still and watching everything going on around him — other than occasionally soliciting a face rub from our trainer, he didn't try to move, just swiveled his head around from side to side to watch Daisy (his girlfriend and pasturemate).  He was especially interested in watching her jump — it was fun to watch his expressions (what I could see of them from the saddle) while he watched.

It's going to be really cold tonight — a low of 8 degrees, with the wind chill down to -6 — so Panama is wrapped up all snug in his blanket.  I'm hoping to get out to the barn tomorrow to take it off for a bit and maybe even get a ride in, but we'll see how cold it is.  That wind chill is supposed to be bad tomorrow too!



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