Saturday, November 13, 2010

Carrot thief

Yesterday I brought a whole bag of baby carrots to the barn.  I left the bag, still almost full, in the tacking up area while I turned Panama out with his buddy, Spaghetti.  When we got back, lo and behold, this little monster was taking carrots out of the bag one by one and eating them!  He devoured more than half the bag.  Poor Panama!

Carrot snarfing dog

Max is one of the dogs that belongs to the barn's owners. Actually, he is a puppy, since I think he is only about a year old now.  Max thinks he is everybody's puppy, and happily greets everyone who visits the barn.  He also tries to herd the cows and horses (even though he has no clue what he's doing) and leaves his toys in the arena.  It's lucky for him he's so cute!



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