Sunday, July 18, 2010

Heat wave

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Like much of the country, we have been suffering from a heat wave here in Colorado. Yesterday it actually made it into the triple digits — 102 degrees — for the first time since August of 2008. Last year was a fairly benign summer, and I think we were all a little spoiled.

Unfortunately, this heat has me not wanting to ride much. I haven't ridden since Wednesday, which is possibly the longest I've gone all summer without riding. I thought about going out to the barn today — we have a cloud cover moving in — but it's still hot, and I still don't feel like it. Tomorrow will start a new week of trail rides, so I figure it can wait until then.

For everyone else who is suffering through similar weather, Fugly Horse of the Day published a handy repost with tips for taking care of horses in the heat. If you have a black horse, a horse who doesn't shed out very well anymore, etc., it's good information to keep in mind!



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