Thursday, June 24, 2010

A little excitement on the trail

Today Lady and her owner went out on the trail with me and Panama. It was the first time we'd been out just the two of us, and I could see from the beginning that Lady was feeling crabby — she kept reaching over to nip at Panama as we were leaving the barn. Maybe she's jealous about him and Daisy.

Anyway, we decided to head down by the creek, where I've been with Mozart's owner and a few of the other ladies, but Linda hadn't been down there before. Unfortunately I had only had a vague idea of where I was going, so I felt a bit lost, though we didn't make any bad turns.

The horses both got a little jumpy here and there. Lady put Linda through what she calls "a rodeo" a few times: Once she farted and bucked, I think because of the mosquitoes (Panama flipped out about them a few moments later), and another time she spooked and reared because Panama crow-hopped a little when a bicycle came up unexpectedly (which I thought was strange because he usually doesn't care too much about the bikes).

We also saw quite a few groups of horses — two separate groups from the riding stables in the park, and a few people out riding their own horses. I think that had them a bit worked up too.

Anyway, it was sure a more exciting ride than usual, but it was still a good one! We rode a little bit in the outdoor arena when we got back, long enough for me to canter Panama once in each direction, but it was getting quite hot by then so I called it quits. After a cool, wet sponge for Panama's saddle area (he was pretty sweaty) and some hand grazing (I hadn't let him eat on the trail today), I went on home!



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