Friday, June 11, 2010

Cantering progress

I've been forgetting to post about many of my cantering lessons — I even have some videos from a lesson a little while back (including a video where Panama took off with his head in the air like a giraffe) that I forgot to post.

But in the meantime, I've improved quite a bit. My trainer told me on Tuesday that I don't seem afraid anymore, and while I think I still feel it a little bit (dreading it a little still, and a brief "Oh shit" feeling before I canter for the first time every lesson), I have to admit I'm doing much better. I lose a stirrup at least once every lesson, and it never fazes me — in fact, my trainer wants to take them away from me completely after the show! (Oh my!)

I also think Panama is getting better. He used to always take off on me at least once during every lesson, cantering completely out of control, head in the air. The last couple of lessons, however, he hasn't done that. Instead, his takeoffs have been rather smooth, and he's been more subdued at the canter, actually sometimes requiring some leg to keep him going (unusual for him since he is so forward). I think he is losing some of his initial excitement about getting to canter, and is now learning to focus more on his job: taking care of me. My trainer says he's finally growing up!

I'll try to remember my camera next week so that you can see how I've improved. For fun, I might do some before and after footage, too!



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