Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New addition

Meet Ivan.

Stray kitty we adopted

My sister found this little guy lying on the side of a busy road in North Colorado Springs. He wasn't moving and she thought he was dead, but luckily she stopped anyway — and found him looking up at her with bright orange-gold eyes. He was perfectly fine, just too terrified to move.

We're pretty sure Ivan was dumped. His claws are all torn up, and we think he was probably thrown out of a car. Most likely he was too frightened to go anywhere, and just made it to the ditch and stayed there. My sister took him to her vet and had him tested for FIV and FeLV (both negative). They also vaccinated him. He was unneutered (remedied that today) and they thought between 6 and 10 months old — more likely on the older end of that range.

He's a big kitty for his age, long-bodied and with legs like stilts, weighing in at just under 10 pounds! He is going to be HUGE by the time he gets done growing. He is also pretty timid, but very sweet and affectionate once he starts trusting you. He is intimidated by the dogs and is staying pretty much in the basement guest room right now, but he is gradually expanding his "territory," and I think before long he'll start venturing upstairs.

We weren't planning on getting another cat so soon, but we've already named Ivan, who came to us without a name. Our other cat (a rather plump black female) is the main concern — she never was very social with Prince, and seemed to adjust well to being an only kitty after he was gone. So far she's not acting terribly different, since Ivan stays downstairs so much, though she is a bit crabby about venturing downstairs to use the litter box. He is very interested in her, however, which she doesn't appreciate.

Despite our reservations, it looks as if we are again a two-cat family. Although he'll never replace Prince in my heart, I do still feel good about giving a sweet kitty a good home.



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