Monday, April 12, 2010

Back to the barn...

Today I was able to get out to the barn for the first time in almost a week. I hadn't been out at all since Wednesday, when I ran out there just to take off his sheet, and the last time I spent any amount of time there was Tuesday, when my trainer rode. My trainer did work with Panama on Friday, but he was a lad of leisure for the most part last week.

So today when I got out there, Panama was pretty happy to see me, whinnying to me over the fence when I came with his halter and lead rope to collect him. He was also a bit of a spaz, which I expected since he hadn't been out of his corral much, so I didn't plan on riding him. One of Panama's trail riding buddies and his owner were hanging out along the road, grazing (well, the horse was grazing — his owner wasn't), so I took Panama out there to do some of the same. He hadn't been out that direction before, so I figured it would be good for him to munch on some grass there with a trusted trail buddy.

After chatting for a little bit, we headed back and I put Panama in the cross ties to groom him. By this time, Daisy (his live-in girlfriend, remember) was hollering for him, and he was acting a bit impatient with my efforts to make up for a week's worth of neglected grooming. He was shedding out like crazy, and I know I could have gotten more hair off, but he had ants in his pants and it was driving me crazy.

The outdoor arena finally emptied out, so I turned Panama out. He dropped and rolled almost immediately, and then sprang to his feet like an acrobat and took off. Round and round me he ran, tail flagged. Clearly he'd missed getting out while I was out of commission! Then Daisy's owner and my trainer showed up for their lesson, and they turned Daisy out along with Panama. The two of them ran together, round and round some more! By the time I caught Panama to bring him in, he was blowing and his neck, chest, and shoulders were damp.

I definitely wasn't going to ride at that point, as running with Daisy had made Panama even more of a spaz than he had already been — impossible as that would seem! I stood and chatted with my trainer for a bit while her student tacked up, while Panama whinnied incessantly for Daisy (who wasn't interested in answering him now that she was the one being messed with. Then I took him back to his corral, where he continued to whinny until the arrival of dinner distracted him (though he still kept an eye on her across the parking lot while he ate).

Tomorrow I will ride — and although my hand was started to get a little irritated today, I have to admit, I am anxious to get back in the saddle again!



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