Monday, March 29, 2010

Winning over crabby mares

Sometimes you just have to lie down and take it!

Crabby mare and my napping gelding

Crabby mare and my  napping gelding

It was a lovely day out at the barn today. Pretty much everyone was napping.

A horse napping

I groomed Panama, but by the time I got done shedding him out, currying his legs, and trimming the dried mud from his fetlocks, I didn't much feel like a long ride. Therefore we only rode for about 15 minutes outside, but it was a nice relaxing ride!

Panama and Daisy seem to be doing well. Apparently she let him know who was boss yesterday afternoon at feed time, but I think that is to be expected. Otherwise, they are together quite a bit — perhaps more Panama's choice than hers, as he sticks to her like glue, but (as is evident from the pictures above) she isn't doing anything to discourage it. Watch out, Lady — you've got competition!



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