Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Taking it easy

Today was gorgeous — sunny and windy, but I heard it hit 80 degrees in the afternoon. I don't doubt it!

Despite the beautiful day, though, I was having a hard time motivating myself to go out to the barn. I really felt like staying in all day, blogging and working at a slower pace. (When I spend a lot of time out at the barn, I generally have to hustle so that I can still get my work done with the time I've got left, and it's harder to find time to blog.) I wasted so much time feeling guilty about staying home, though, that I finally headed out there around mid-afternoon.

And of course, I ended up being really glad I did. It was beautiful, if a little too windy for my tastes. I saddled Panama up and we went to the outdoor arena to ride. Within a few minutes, Panama's third best girl and her owner had joined us, and we rode for a while at a walk, side by side, chatting away.

I did get some trotting in when Flash took a break to pee, but kept getting stage fright, so her owner had to dismount and wait for her to relax enough to go. Panama and I trotted in circles at the other end in the meantime, but otherwise the theme of the ride was taking it easy.

We also went out and made a loop around the field. This involved riding past the junk pile that scared Panama into a spin and bolt a while back. Panama was even on the left side, which meant that he had a clear view of the concrete sewage tunnel that freaked him out so much before, and he still walked past it just fine. His head was up and his ears were perked, and he was looking around at everything, but he never once spooked or even tensed. Meanwhile, Flash was balking and spooking in place right beside us, and he still kept his cool. I was so proud of him!

On our way back, I spotted one of the boarders that does a lot of trail rides, turning her horse out to roll in the outdoor arena. I called out to her, and she invited me on their next trail ride. I'm looking forward to it — it'll be good to get out into the park again! The warm weather should hold for another couple of days before we get some rain and perhaps even a little snow, so I am taking advantage of this weather while it lasts!



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