Monday, March 29, 2010

Down with Tony Meyers!

I know many of you don't like Fugly, but this is one cause I think everyone agrees is a good one.

Three years ago, a man named Tony Meyers commenced a violent attack upon a horse at a horse auction. The horse nearly died after he dragged her from his trailer with a barbed wire-wrapped halter, ran her over and shot her. She survived but it has taken almost three years for his case to come to trial and it’s going to be heard starting on Tuesday at the St. Martinsville Court.

This is an excerpt from today's Fugly post. I think we can all agree that Tony Meyers is the worst kind of horse owner and ought to be in jail, not free to buy more horses. Fugly is simply asking that we contact the local media and encourage them to run the story. The more publicity it gets, the more public interest, and the more likely he'll get the maximum sentence. Please send the media your emails (you can copy and paste from Cathy's phone script), and repost the plea on your blog, facebook, etc. No one should be allowed to get away with treating a horse like this!



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