Saturday, January 23, 2010

Theresa's story:An ordinary little brown mare

As promised, as a follow-up to Berte's story yesterday, here is Theresa's story of the brown mare named Prissy. Theresa's blog is Always Rushing Around, and is more than just a horse blog — she also has two adorable little girls she blogs about!

My Little Brown Mare

Flashy she was not. She stood about 14.2 hands, not very tall. She was sorrel. She was registered as a red dun, but that was a stretch. She was just brown. Aside from a few stray hairs in the middle of her forehead she didn't have a white hair on her body. Her mane was always thin and she didn't have much of a forelock to speak of. In so many ways she was nothing but an ordinary little brown mare. But I knew her better. I want to talk about my little brown mare.

My mom tells me that she saw Prissy acting like a fool out in the pasture and decided that she was the one she had to have. So she bought her for $500 on April 25, 1987. I was eight years old. Prissy was not yet broke when my parents brought her home. You couldn't even get a halter on her. I can remember my mom sitting in the stall with Prissy with a bucket of food just waiting patiently until Prissy decided to come to her. Mom would later send Prissy to a trainer who had her for a minimal amount of time. When he returned her he said, "She never even bucked. I just got on her and started riding."

To read the rest of the story of Prissy and Theresa, click here.



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