Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A few updates


A busy week so far. Although I had my trainer out twice this week — once to ride Panama, and once to give me a lesson — I haven't had time to blog about it. I'll try to catch up, or at least get more regular, soon.

The good news is that my cat Prince started eating on his own last night — only a little, but it's a vast improvement, as I've been force feeding him for the past month! I had an ultrasound done on Monday, and the radiologist thinks he has had pancreatitis, as well as either irritable bowel syndrome or lymphoma. She's leaning more toward the IBS, and for obvious reasons I'm hoping she's right. Either way, Prince is now on steroids, and I think that's why he started eating again.

Also, don't forget that my book giveaway ends Friday at 5:00 pm! I've gotten some great horse stories already, but I would love to get a few more, so please consider entering!



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