Thursday, December 31, 2009

Panama gets possessive

Today Panama and his buddy Voodoo were playing in the arena when Lady joined them. This was only the second time he has faced competition from another gelding when out with Lady, and he didn't think very highly of the situation.

When Lady first joined them, she and Voodoo spent some time sniffing noses, as you might expect. Panama looked worried and kept trying to insert himself, just as he did when he and Lady were out with Romeo the other day. But this time he stepped it up a little, and also started herding Lady away from Voodoo. There were a few spats between Lady and Panama, as well as between Panama and Voodoo — Lady is the boss in the relationship, and didn't take kindly to being herded, and Voodoo didn't know how else to handle Panama's sudden aggressiveness.

Then suddenly it seemed to have been resolved, with Panama and Lady hanging out at one end of the arena, and Voodoo keeping his distance at the other. Everywhere Lady went, Panama followed, as if there was a string connecting his nose to her butt. And though I didn't see any massive falling out, Voodoo seemed to get the message: This was Panama's Lady.

It was highly amusing to me, because Panama is usually so submissive — playful, but submissive. But I guess he takes his relationship with his girlfriend very seriously!



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