Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas at the barn

Michael and I went out to the barn today to drop off stockings and Christmas cards (we made horse treats and cookies for Panama's playmates and their owners, and I put together Christmas cards for the other boarders I know but not as well). There was no one visiting on the end where Panama's corral is, but one boarder in the outdoor barn and several in the indoor barn were there visiting their horses.

We're having some more really cold weather here, after a couple of days of light but steady snow. Last night was near zero degrees and today didn't get much above 20. Panama has had his blanket on since Tuesday evening and most likely won't be getting it off until Sunday — we're supposed to be getting more snow tonight and tomorrow.

Michael and I have had a pretty relaxing Christmas. We slept in this morning (I love to sleep in, but it's a treat whenever Michael sleeps in with me!), watched The Princess Bride, and then went out to the barn. Afterward we took the dogs for a walk — a short one, since it was pretty cold — and came home to read and relax some more. Now Michael is making his spectacular sweet potato soup for our dinner.

A Christmas Day entirely to ourselves! I think this very well may be the first time in our relationship we've had that. Usually we have either my family or his to visit on Christmas Day. I've been commenting a lot how it didn't feel like Christmas was nearly here, as we didn't decorate and we're planning to do some updates to the house instead of giving one another presents. But today changed that — there can be no doubt that it has been a special day.

Merry Christmas, everyone!



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