Monday, December 28, 2009

"Busy little boy"

That's what Lady's owner said about Panama yesterday — that he's a busy little boy. We had turned him and Lady out, and were joined shortly thereafter by another of the 4-year-old geldings (there's at least half a dozen 4-year-olds there right now).

Panama had never played with Romeo before, although Romeo has taken to standing at the end of his run and whinnying every time Lady and Panama are turned out together. For all the fuss he's been making, however, he didn't seem much interested in playing with Panama.

Romeo started out sniffing noses with Lady, with whom he's been turned out once before. Panama didn't take kindly to his girlfriend being stolen, and kept inserting his nose between theirs. After a moment, Lady would squeal, and all three of them would spin away and buck.

After a while they seemed to work something out between them, and Panama started trying to get everyone to play with him. He would jump and dance around them, prancing and spinning and rearing and bucking, and in general putting on a pretty good show. No one took the bait, though, so he started lunging in, biting Romeo, and then racing away — clearly his way of saying, "Chase me!"

After Lady and Romeo's owners took them out of the arena, I got Panama to run on his own. He has taken to free lunging in circles around me, rather than running down to the other end of the arena, where I have to follow. (I like it because it's easier to keep him moving, but the drawback is that he only wants to go in one direction!) When he doesn't want to run anymore, the circles gradually get smaller and smaller. Yesterday, though, he needed very little encouragement to keep running. I guess he was restless from all the standing around he did over Christmas and during the snowstorm!

Hopefully I can get him another playdate soon, this time with someone who will run with him!



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