Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Veterans Day!

M&M's candy for soldiers

I didn't realize today was Veterans Day until last night. I'm not normally much of one for keeping track of the minor holidays (read: the ones that don't involve candy or presents), but today I thought I'd celebrate with a rather unique blog post.

Michael is home from work today because he wrenched his back during his walk this morning. We were eating peanut butter M&M's this afternoon, and he asked, "What do the Ms stand for?" I didn't know either, so he looked it up.

It turns out that M&M's were originally conceived of as candy for soldiers, because the hard outer shell helped to prevent them from melting in hot weather. In fact, they were sold only to the military during World War II. The Ms stand for the owner of Mars candy company, and the son of Hershey's president. Chocolate was rationed during World War II, so allowing Hershey to have a 20 percent interest in M&M's allowed Mars to get the chocolate he needed for the candy.

So technically, Michael and I celebrated Veterans Day today by indulging in M&M's! How did you celebrate?



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