Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Things I'll miss

Hanging with the horses

To be fair, there are some things I'll miss about my current (soon to be old) barn. They are compelling enough reasons that it took a while for the bad to outweigh the good, but now that the scale has tipped I'm glad I'm leaving.

The biggest reason why I'll miss this place is the small size and relaxed atmosphere. Right now I'm writing these posts from the doorway of the tack room, where I'm in the shade and have a perfect view of my horse eating his (very late) breakfast. When I get home I'll upload the post and schedule it for this evening.

I love hanging out at the barn, in the pasture with my horse, and this place makes it easy to do so. It'll be much more difficult at the bigger barn I'll be moving too, where Panama's corral will be right next to the driveway. Plus I fear it'll start barn gossip if I set up a chair in the corral the way I do here sometimes.

I also like that I can basically do what I want here. I've organized the tack room the way I want it, and sure it technically helped the owner because it's a massive improvement, but how many places would have let me do that? Not where I'm going, certainly.

Of course, these advantages aren't more important than my horse's safety and health, having a place to ride, and that sort of thing. But at the same time, I don't want to take these things for granted in the time that I've got left here — which is why I'm sitting in the tack room right now, with my laptop on my lap, watching my horse eat his breakfast.



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