Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Snow day and making progress

Today is a snow day. It has been snowing since late last night, and the weather forecast is predicting 8 to 14 inches before it stops. I tucked Panama in with his winter blanket last night, so I'm snug on the couch with my laptop and a blanket of my own, watching the snow fall outside the living room window.

Speaking of blankets, it turns out Panama has grown even more than I originally thought. His winter blankets from the last two years are too small, and the local tack store is out of the small sizes. The store's owner said that the sheet I bought is from a brand that tends to fit big, so she had me try on a 68 blanket that was there on consignment, just to be sure that she ordered the right size.

Sure enough, Panama is now a 68, and not a 66, despite the fact that his sheet is size 66. He has a skinny neck and hip, though, which will make fitting a blanket a bit of a challenge. His new blankets should arrive in about a week.

Anyway, yesterday my trainer came out and rode Panama in the indoor arena. As we expected, he was quite anxious about this at first. The mirrors don't bother him but echoing sounds definitely do — he even goosed at the sound of his own fart!

All things considered, though, he did pretty well. I even got a chance to ride him for the last ten minutes or so, and my trainer had me work on a few things that we've never been able to do in a pasture. For instance, she had me do a serpentine across the arena with him, to get me to practice switching leg and rein aids. She thinks that with these facilities, we will be about to progress much more quickly than we could at the old barn.

Considering how good I felt about yesterday, today's snow is even more disappointing. I would have loved to ride again today, but I don't dare drive into the foothills in a storm like this, since that area always gets hit even worse!



At October 28, 2009 at 3:28 PM, Blogger jane augenstein said...

Oh, man, bummer about the snow!! You can keep it though. I am not looking forward to any snow, we are having rain, tomorrow is supposed to be nice and in the 70's but can't work in the round pen because it is so muddy. My shoulder/arm is still bothering me a lot so I don't know when I will be riding again. I did get to ride last Monday and will post a video clip and some pictures of it later.
You are lucky to have an indoor arena to ride in...that is when you can make it to the barn.
Since you are stuck at home, take lots of pictures of the snow and post it! :-)

At October 29, 2009 at 1:06 PM, Blogger Katharine Swan said...

Jane -- pictures, coming right up! :o)

I look forward to your pictures and video of your ride, and I hope your shoulder and arm start feeling better again soon.


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