Monday, October 12, 2009

Panama in his new home!

Today was amazing. My trainer arrived with the bigger trailer, which turned out to be a two-horse slant load with a higher roof and a partition that we could swing all the way against the wall to give Panama room to get on. It was a really nice trailer!

And it took all of 13 minutes for Panama to get on it.

I was amazed. Luckily, the trailer belongs to one of my trainer's other clients at the same barn I just moved to, and it sounds like we should be able to use it periodically for trailer training. Since Panama seems to be relatively okay with this one, I was pleased to hear this.

We arrived at Panama's new home earlier than expected, because he'd loaded so fast. While my trainer parked the trailer, I walked him around the parking lot a little. There was a horse in the outdoor arena, and another in the round pen on turnout, that sparked some mutual interest. We stopped and visited with a couple of horses at the end of their runs, too.

Then we put him in the corral that will be his new home. There are two older horses in there with him, and the gelding is a bit protective over his mare. But as I keep telling everyone, unless he is a devil horse, he can't be worse than the alpha at the old barn. And sure enough, he went after Panama a couple of times, but he's too uncomfortable to do much. Mostly his approach was to park himself at his chosen end of the corral (the end with the food, water, and shelter, naturally), face Panama, and plaster his ears to his head.

Panama got the message, and stood about 50 feet away, facing the old gelding, with his ears pricked, waiting for a sign that it was okay join the herd. He looked very sweet and respectful, especially (as the woman who does the evening feeding commented) since he could have kicked that old gelding's butt in a heartbeat. I wish I'd gotten a picture of it, but I forgot to take out my camera until later.

There is so much to see at the new barn...

My horse

The chickens run loose right next to Panama's corral — and for some reason they must associate an open trunk with getting fed, because as soon as I start unloading Panama's stuff, I was surrounded by six chickens:

A chicken at the new barn

And on the other side of the drive, there is a pasture full of cows. They started mooing quite indignantly when the horses were getting fed.

A cow at the new barn

Once the cows started mooing, Panama started sniffing the air and looking around on high alert:

My horse at his new barn

At feeding time, the other two horses drove Panama off his grain (which is fine, because he'd had plenty already in the trailer) and he stood back a ways with his ears pricked, watching me expectantly: "Aren't you going to do something about this, Mom?" With a little prompting, he figured out that the other horses had left their grain in order to eat his, so he got a bit of senior to make up for it.

My horse at his new barn

It was a bit hazy today, so this picture isn't very clear, but it does show how close the new barn is to the foothills. In the distance you can see the outdoor arena. Tomorrow I plan to turn Panama out in the arena and get some pictures of him with the mountains in the background!

Colorado horse barn



At October 13, 2009 at 4:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whew! You made it! I was keeping my fingers crossed that all would go well and you'd get quickly and safely to your new place. Looks pretty good, and he doesn't look too worried about the whole thing.

At October 13, 2009 at 8:44 AM, Blogger Nuzzling Muzzles said...

I second what Kate said. Whew!

At October 14, 2009 at 10:30 AM, Blogger Katharine Swan said...

Sorry for the delayed response! I was pretty preoccupied yesterday, as you probably already know. I spent almost the entire day out at the barn. :o)

I was really worried too, and so was my husband. When I called him at 2:15 to tell him Panama was on the trailer and we were on our way to the new barn, he said, "Already?!" Although we were hoping he'd just get on, none of us really quite expected it.

And Kate, no, he doesn't seem to be too worried. I've actually been amazed at how interested and excited he seems. He has been whinnying at every horse he sees pass by the corral. :o)


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