Friday, September 4, 2009

Donations to save horses

When I came back from my hiatus, I shared a headline about a jackass horse owner who was threatening to publicly slaughter his horses in response to a zoning dispute with the county.

According to an incident report, "It would be done in public, he would kill one every day for a week on the front steps of the court house, at CSU and other public places. He would stab them in the belly three or four times, killing the foal and then he would bash the mare's brains in."

Publicity stunt or not, a normal person just doesn't think like this — and someone who does has no business owning horses, in my opinion. Fortunately, it seems the issue will be resolved in the horses' best interests: Today the horses were seized.

Just in case the above quote doesn't convince you that this man isn't right in the head, this is what the guy had to say at the press conference (emphasis added):

He continued, "I cared only about the horses and if it took this to cause public attention, to get the news out . . . the sheriff out to take care of these horses then you know what, my game worked, and I'm a success. The horses are going to be fed, they're going to be taken care of and I have a feeling, I have a real good feeling that this sheriff isn't going to allow one of those horses to go to a slaughter house," Parker said.

Cooke, who was standing nearby as Parker addressed reporters, confirmed that the horses would not go to slaughter houses.

Parker says his reasoning behind the execution was to avoid slaughter houses which he cited as a "real serious problem."
Where does this guy get off thinking that repeatedly stabbing a pregnant mare in the belly and then bashing her brains in is better than a slaughter house?!

This is a local story, so some people on the Colorado Horse Forum were talking about how to prevent the horse executions from taking place. When the NHRA got involved with the situation, the thread turned into a discussion of how to donate, but the horses were still in the man's possession so one or two people (myself included) expressed concerns about donating while the horses were still on the property. I was afraid that once the horses were fed and cared for, he'd change his mind about relinquishing the horses — the last thing I want is to see my hard-earned money go to helping a lunatic keep his horses.

But now that the horses have been seized, I'm considering donating some money toward the care of the horses.

Which reminds me of an idea I've toyed with: Donating all revenue from this blog to a horse rescue of my choice. I would of course aim for complete transparency, and publish earnings reports that show how much ad revenue this blog is bringing in. (The ad revenue from my other blogs I'd still keep.)

The only problem is that this blog isn't bringing in a whole ton of revenue right now. For example, out of the $52 in my account already, only $2 is from this blog. As a result, I wanted to mention my idea and see if my readers would be willing to get on board with it. What are your thoughts?



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