Saturday, August 15, 2009

Practicing two-point and my sitting trot

Yesterday I had another session with my trainer. I've been doing only once a week since I started back up with her, but as I'd missed the previous week, I scheduled two sessions with her for this past week.

Interestingly, I really liked doing two sessions in one week. That's what I did when he was in training initially, and although the cost of boarding where I am currently prohibits me from doing two sessions per week again right now, I really think I'd benefit from it.

Anyway, I asked to work on my two-point again, since I hadn't practiced it since our last session (having worked with Panama on trail riding instead). We also worked a bit on my sitting trot.

My two-point is getting better. I asked my trainer if I was getting it, and she said yes — so my assumption that I was doing something wrong was incorrect. She said I just need more practice. So that was good news.

She also said my posting is looking really good, which I was glad to hear. She shortened up my stirrups again (by wrapping them — I've run out of holes), and that seemed to really help. I was having a problem with my toes falling out of the stirrups when I tried to keep my heels down, and it was distracting me from the other stuff I was supposed to be doing. So when she shortened up my stirrups, I found it remarkably easier to post.

Finally, we worked a bit on my sitting trot. I'm not really comfortable at the sitting trot, and she has confessed that she's not either, so she hasn't made me practice it much. At the most she's been having me sit 3 or 5 beats because she says that's what I'll do when asking for the canter. But I'm thinking of practicing the sitting trot a little more on my own time — I bet I'll feel more confident learning to canter if I can sit the trot comfortably first.

As a side note, Panama is amazing me more and more by how well he is behaving. It's like in the last month or so, all of a sudden it just clicked for him how he can help me while we're riding — mainly by keeping a consistent pace or staying on the rail when I'm working on something new. This is a HUGE leap of mental maturity for him. To give myself some credit, I've also learned the same concept, except in reverse — I've improved as a rider to the point where I can convey more clearly (and more gently) what it is I want from him, and I'm sure that has helped as well.

After our lesson yesterday, I was feeling much more confident and happy with my riding. Perhaps even enough to try a canter next time? In any case, I'm so glad I started lessons again, because I can feel how much of a difference it is making.



At August 15, 2009 at 12:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lessons can be really helpful - so glad things are going well for you and Panama!

At August 15, 2009 at 1:40 PM, Blogger Katharine Swan said...

Thanks, Kate, me too! :o)


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