Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A busy six days

I've been ridiculously busy for the last six days, and am ashamed to say I haven't made it out to the barn since my trainer came last Wednesday. Thankfully, my trainer had to reschedule this week's lesson, so I will have a chance to ride tomorrow. I don't like going all week without practicing between lessons!

Here's my week since my last lesson:

Thursday - Spending time with my mom, primarily shopping for the stuff to finish a wedding present for my sister and for shoes to wear to the wedding
Friday - Finishing my sister's wedding present and the rehearsal dinner
Saturday - Babysitting all day, then the wedding in the evening
Sunday - Relaxing and spending some time on my other hobby, collecting and fixing vintage dolls
Monday - Relaxing, ice cream with my mom, and babysitting
Tuesday - Spending time with my mom (who is on vacation this week to recover from the wedding) and getting back to work

I wasn't in the wedding, but even so (or perhaps because of it) I found the weekend emotionally draining. So much so that even the last couple of days, when I technically could have made time for a ride, I haven't felt like doing anything that requires that much effort. I feel intensely guilty, and also like I've deprived myself of something I know I would have enjoyed once I got out there, but I couldn't have helped how I felt.

That's okay — I'll make up for it tomorrow. More later!



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