Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Making up my mind

I've been thinking a lot lately about the horse property we looked at Monday evening. Just last night I was having second thoughts about moving — I love our little house (the one we live in currently), and it makes me sad to think about moving.

But then I went over to the barn today, and I was instantly reminded of why I want to take care of my horse on my own property. The mulch piles have still not been spread out — they are exactly as I left them a week ago. All I can think is, I am paying this guy way too much for him to procrastinate on stuff like this.

Woes of horse boarding

In fact, with my incentive to own horse property renewed, even having to rent out our current home doesn't sound so bad anymore. Nor does keeping Panama by himself at first. Whatever it takes to get Panama in my backyard is fine with me!!

Of course, I also have to plan for the worst case scenario, so in the meantime I'm starting to look for a boarding barn to move Panama to if we don't get the property.



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