Friday, July 10, 2009

Horsey headlines for July 10, 2009: Local edition

I only have one headline this week, and it's actually a couple of days late (as I've usually been posting these on Wednesday), but it's a local story that caught my attention and I really need to share it.

Apparently 22 horses were confiscated from a Colorado ranch this week for animal neglect. Several were pregnant or injured. My mom saw the story on the news, and from what she told me it sounds like most were starving.

But look at the pictures in the article. I've heard people talk before about horses' feet looking like elf shoes if they are left untrimmed for a long period of time, but I have NEVER seen anything as horrible as what is pictured here. EVER.

At what point do you say, "Gee, my horses' feet look too long"? Who can let it go this long without getting a clue that something is wrong?

Who does things like this?!



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