Thursday, July 2, 2009

A hard day's work

Sorry for neglecting my blog the last couple of days. I've been pretty busy lately, so I have a lot of catching up to do. Sorry in advance for all the posts coming your way this weekend!

Yesteday especially was a big day at the barn. I got out there around 8:30 in the morning, and stayed until about 3:00.

When I got out there, the horses hadn't had breakfast yet, so I groomed Panama and took him over to work with the trailer a little. The property owner gave them their breakfast about 9:30 (showing that he is indeed respecting my wishes to have them fed a little earlier in the mornings), so we didn't get much time to work on it — but I'll talk about trailer stuff in another post.

While the horses ate their hay, I mucked a little bit (more on that in another post too). The property owner had gotten some free mulch from a company that had taken down a couple of trees in the neighborhood (not ones that are toxic to horses — I checked!), and we were planning on putting some in the barn as well as spreading it out in the front pasture, so I got started cleaning out the barn in preparation for it.

Free horse bedding!

I don't think I've taken very many pictures of it, but the barn was actually kind of nasty — the horses poop in there but not excessively, so the barn owner never mucks it, and as a result there was a year or two's worth of broken-down manure dust in there. There are four stalls (two large ones, two medium sized), and each one had at least six inches of manure dust. I almost completely filled the dumpster with that stuff.

Then I started moving the mulch into the barn. Of course, by this time it was getting quite hot, and I had a lot of mulch to move! But the property owner got his three college-age boys to help me, and we got it all done in about an hour.

Wood chips horse bedding

Horse stalls with wood chip bedding

It's amazing how tired, and yet how great, I felt after working so hard all day. It was really satisfying to see the results of all our hard work! My only frustration is that when I was there today, the barn owner hadn't finished spreading the rest of the mulch in the pasture — it's still sitting there in piles, just as I left it yesterday afternoon. I feel like it's a little unsafe, not to mention undesireable to have the horses picking through them to eat dead cottonwood leaves. I also feel like I put in six hours at the barn yesterday, and it's incredibly irritating that they can't put in an hour or two more to finish it. I'm not paying my board every month (which is kind of expensive, I might add) to have the place neglected.



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