Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Deworming and new boarders

Somebody's been into the frosting again!

Horse deworming

Mom, this frosting tastes like ass.

I dewormed my horse tonight. Somehow Panama always manages to get it all over his mouth on the side I put it in. I think he might be pushing back with his tongue and trying to spit it out. It's supposed to be sticky so that they can't spit it out, but apparently Panama is able to anyway.

He's able to do a lot of things horses aren't supposed to do. He can stand on two legs, albeit briefly — and no, I don't mean rearing. I mean he can kick a fly off his belly with one of his hind feet when I'm picking out a front foot, or stamp a fly off a front foot when I'm picking out a back foot. He's figured out to use the foot on the diagonal, and everything.

He did learn the other day that he can't pick up both front feet. I was picking out his right front foot, when suddenly he started to go down to his knees. I staggered backward and watched in surprise as he picked himself back up. He'd tried to stamp his left front foot while I was picking out the right.

But anyway, I'm getting sidetracked. After deworming Panama, I dewormed the alpha and the mare, too. I'd had the barn owner get me enough dewormer for both of them a week or two ago, because I realized that if I don't do this, he certainly won't. (He didn't deworm either of them from November, when the boarder who used to do it for him left, to May, when the vet came and did it for him.)

Out of the three of them, Panama was decidedly the worst. The other two didn't get it on their faces at all. The mare — who is older and probably has been dewormed a gazillion times — practically opened her mouth and said ahhhhh. The alpha tried to back away from me, and then tried to shake me off, and when neither worked he gave up and let me do the deed. Even he was better than my horse.

Maybe Panama will get better about it with age.

Anyway, I also met the new boarders this evening. Their horses — a gelding and a mare, retired polo ponies — arrived a week ago, but I hadn't seen the owners until tonight. They are very nice and it sounds like they might become trail riding buddies for me. Besides, they have a nice big stock trailer — with no partition down the middle! — that they are willing to let me use to practice loading Panama. I'm excited — it seems like the kind of thing he'd be okay with getting on!

I have to say, having nice boarders there — especially boarders I can ride with — makes staying here a little longer seem a lot more palatable!



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