Tuesday, July 28, 2009


It rained like crazy on and off yesterday, hijacking my original plans to ride in the evening, so I took the time to make some long-awaited changes to my blogs.

On Pony Tales Blog, you'll see that the titles to the posts on the main page are now also links to the individual post pages. I've also revamped the sidebar to include a link to my site feed (atom.xml), a more prominent copyright notice, and some different ad formats and placements.

Also, I believe Google AdSense now does some limited tracking of your activity online to decide what ads to place on the pages you visit. Most ads on the big news sites do this too. If you don't want advertisers tracking what you search for online, you can block the tracking cookies by resetting the security level in your browser, or delete them periodically using your antivirus software or manually by opening up Control Panel and choosing Internet Options.



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