Friday, July 17, 2009

The bit problem

In my post last night, I forgot to mention that I figured out the solution to the bit problem.

You want to know what the problem was? It's slightly embarrassing, because I was spending time worrying over something that was my fault, not his.

I had his bridle on too tight.

I'm not sure if his head has grown, or if I accidentally put it back together one notch too tight after oiling it last time. Perhaps a little of both. But anyway, that's why he was pulling on the bit. And it turns out it had something to do with why he wasn't stopping quickly when I pulled on the reins — probably the bit was already pulling a bit on his mouth, numbing him to the command a bit.

In any case, once I loosened the bridle a notch on one side, he did beautifully riding in the field — he responded much more quickly to my whoas, and only pulled on the bit once (and not the same way as he was before, either). Problem solved. I'm so glad!



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