Friday, July 17, 2009

Affordable alternatives to horse slaughter

The other day, Fugly Horse of the Day posted with a link to a HSUS database of humane horse disposal options by state. She asked everyone to cross post and share the information as necessary.

This is huge. One of the biggest arguments that I hear from the pro-slaughter camp is that slaughter is the only way for unwanted horses to be affordably disposed of.

Well, actually what they mean is that horse slaughter is the only way for someone to make money on disposing of a horse.

Euthanization is pretty affordable. A bullet to the head is even more so, and if the person knows what they are doing, the horse won't suffer. But neither of these options bring a paycheck.

I hate the idea of euthanizing animals, but I support it when there are no other options — and I recognize that for many horses in this country, there are no other options.

However, euthanization also needs to be humane, and horse slaughter will never be humane as long as it is for profit. As long as everyone involved is thinking of the bottom dollar, corners are going to be cut, and it'll be the horses that suffer for it.

So next time someone pro-slaughter tells you that horse slaughter is necessary because it provides the only affordable way to dispose of unwanted horses... you know what to say in response.



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