Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The post about Panama's farrier visit

I mentioned earlier that today I had Panama's farrier visit. I also had a very nice, long conversation with my farrier.

Panama's trim went very quickly, despite the fact that we were unable to find a place that wasn't muddy. The really interesting thing was our conversation.

I had a lot of questions for my farrier today. One thing I've been meaning to ask him, but kept forgetting until today, was what he thinks of Panama's conformation. Since Panama was backyard bred, and since I know nothing about conformation, I've always wondered whether he is proportioned correctly. My farrier said he is a good, sound horse and his conformation is just what it should be: straight back, strong rear end, sloping shoulder, and head not too big. He said the only thing that is lacking is the musculature, but that is because he is young — he'll acquire muscle as I work him and as he matures.

Needless to say, I was happy to hear that my horse has good conformation!

My horse's conformation

I also asked the farrier what he thought about my vet's suggestion that Panama might have some Paso in him. My farrier doesn't agree. He says that his size might seem that way, but his feet are really different than a Paso's feet — and who knows feet better than a farrier? Also, my farrier mentioned that since Panama is not gaited, it's unlikely that he is Paso (as Paso breeds are gaited).

I really enjoy chatting with my farrier, especially when I learn something from the conversation. I know my way around horses, but there is plenty that I still need to learn, so it's good for me to pick someone's brain once in a while!



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