Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A beautiful day at last!

Like many of you, in Denver we've been plagued by rain and thunderstorms lately. It has been rainy on and off for days, and yesterday it was dark and rainy all day. Enough of the rain already!!

Today, however, was gorgeous — a perfect day for my farrier appointment. In fact, it was such a nice day that I got rather carried away, and spent four hours at the barn. Here's the quick rundown of how I spent my time:

* Chatting with the barn owner as I waited for my farrier
* Holding my horse for the farrier
* Chatting with the farrier (a very nice, hour-long conversation, by the way)
* Chatting some more with the barn owner
* Grooming Panama
* Weighing all three horses with my weight tape
* Chatting some more with the barn owner
* Moving the ground poles and makeshift jumps left out by Panama's newest girlfriend's owner, who moved her horse on Friday but left all her crap in the middle of the back pasture

Obviously, I love being outside and at the barn — not just spending time with my horse, but doing anything, really. And I've been rather lax about getting out there recently, so I was definitely due for a good long visit. Too bad it was too mucky and muddy to ride!

I've got some additional commentary on some of the above things — stayed tuned for future blog posts. It was just too much to fit into a single post!



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