Monday, May 18, 2009

Petition: Appropriate punishment for animal abuse and neglect

This petition was inspired by Nebraska's Three Strikes Ranch fiasco, in which 200 equines were found starving to death on a "sanctuary," and about 60 had actually died. HSUS and an army of volunteer horse rescuers went in, fed the horses using donated hay and funds, and transported them away from Three Strikes Ranch using donated trailers.

It's pretty sad to me that ONE person's f#cked up sense of horse rescue can result in all of these resources being used just to rescue them from their rescuer.

Furthermore, when are we going to have to pull together and rescue horses from this same guy again? Statistics show that hoarders are often repeat offenders. The consequences of hoarding and neglecting animals just aren't stiff enough — they get off with a slap on the wrist.

Jail time ought to be mandatory for folks like this, in my opinion. Mandatory. Plus, they should not be able to own animals again. They've already proven once that they can't handle it; does another group of animals really have to suffer in order to prove that point again?

Please sign the petition requesting mandatory jail time for equine abuse and neglect. If it were up to me, that petition would be for all abuse and neglect, but I'm happy to take this one step at a time, too!

Also, check out HSUS's video footage of the horses at Three Strikes Ranch. It's terrible how skinny they are!



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