Wednesday, May 13, 2009

More changes at the barn

My horse's soon-to-be ex-girlfriend

I just found out that Panama's newest girlfriend will be leaving at the end of the month. They had moved her from their old barn because their trainer left and no longer had a facility she was attached to; I'll bet she got a new job where they are moving now, and they are following her. It would make sense, because they are getting a rather steep discount on board, and I'll bet the trainer pulled some strings to make that happen.

In any case, I'll be sad to see the mare go, and I know Panama will miss her too, but I won't miss her owners — as terrible as that sounds. I found out shortly after their arrival that they had been brushing him and giving him treats, and while that's not terrible, it's definitely a little assuming to groom and treat someone else's horse — particularly if the owner comes often and the horse is not in any way ignored.

(I've been tempted to mess with other people's horses before at the places I board, but usually because they are extremely ignored and I feel bad for them. However, I would never do anything more than just pet them a little without the proper permission.)

Another reason I will not miss the owners is because the girl has been setting jumps up in the back pasture with tires, ground poles, and now lawn chairs. The horses haven't been allowed back there, but yesterday I had to move everything in order to lunge Panama. Up until now I haven't been working him so it hasn't been a probem, but I'm planning to start riding regularly again now that the weather is nice. Them leaving saves me or the owner needing to talk about it!

With them gone we will be down to three horses for the first time since I moved Panama there in November. Eventually I'm sure the owner will find another boarder or two, but since most people don't seem to spend a lot of time with their horses, I will most likely retain my title as the most frequent visitor. That's the way I like it, and why I like being at a small facility: I have the ability to do what I want without competition!



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