Friday, May 1, 2009

Horrors of the horse industry

I found out from this article that the Kentucky Derby is tomorrow. I don't follow horse racing, as I don't really approve of the industry very much; but now that I know it's tomorrow I'll be anxiously keeping my fingers crossed that there are no tragedies like Eight Belles' breakdown last year!

The article is interesting because it also talks a lot about horse slaughter, and how the racing industry supplies a lot of the horses that go to slaughter every year by overbreeding Thoroughbreds. The writer is clearly very anti-slaughter, and ends the article with several calls to action:

1) A recommendation that Congress pass anti-slaughter legislation that is currently tied up in the House and Senate, which would prohibit horses from being sent to slaughter in foreign countries;

2) A call for owners, when selling their horses to foreign buyers, to include a provision in the contract that allows them to buy the horse back or arrange for humane euthanasia should the horse ever be up for slaughter; and

3) A demand that the horse racing industry in general should have enough respect for their athletes to quit sending them to slaughter.

Ironically, PETA sent me this link as an opportunity to write to the editor about the evils of horse racing. But as much as I don't like horse racing, I despise horse slaughter even more, so I'm not going to berate a writer for railing against one and not the other.



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