Monday, April 13, 2009

Rescued from what?

This is a little off-topic, but not entirely.

I am really disappointed in something Obama has done. This is new for me, because on the whole I have been an enthusiastic supporter of his. But apparently, the guy who has such brilliant ideas for diplomacy and health care can't see the difference between buying a $2,000 Portuguese water dog puppy from a breeder and rescuing a dog from a shelter.

You may not remember this, but during the campaign Obama said if he was elected, his family was going to adopt a rescue as a family dog. It was presented as this grand humanitarian act, yet now we find out that the Obama family bought a purebred — from nationally famous breeders, no less!

So what that the puppy's first owners didn't want him and returned him to the breeders. That in itself doesn't make a dog a rescue. He wasn't dumped, he didn't spend time at a shelter, and most importantly, they did not free up a spot for another dog to be rescued. This was not a rescue. Period.

So how does this tie into horses? Well, overbreeding affects the horse world too, and the terrifying mass murder of innocent horses — otherwise known as horse slaughter — is the result, just as shelter overcrowding and euthanization is the result of overbreeding dogs and cats. By buying from breeders, you are supporting irresponsible breeding (in my opinion even the "quality" breeders are irresponsible for continuing to breed in this economy and with this much of an overpopulation problem), not to mention making it more difficult for shelters to move animals through and continue giving hope to new rescues.

President Obama, shame on you for not being able to see the difference between a once-returned purebred and a true rescue! I hope the ensuing controversy will remind people of the importance of patronizing rescues, not breeders.



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