Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Missing the mares

I arrived at the barn a little after 3pm yesterday. The owner of Panama's new girlfriend was there with her friend, and the two of them were going for a trail ride on the two mares. I chatted with them a bit, and then they groomed the mares and tacked up while I groomed my horse.

Panama was mud-encrusted from the rain and snow we had Sunday night into Monday morning, but I managed to get him cleaned up pretty good. Then the barn owner grained him and the alpha gelding while the girls finished tacking up the mares. When they left, Panama tried to follow them right out of the gate!

Panama was a little upset about the girls leaving, but the alpha was inconsolable. I shot this video while Panama was trying to decide which was more important, hitting up the barn owner for his dinner or pining after his girlfriends. The alpha already knew the answer to that question — you can hear him whinnying repeatedly in the background. Also, look how gingerly Panama walks through the mud — he hates it!

It was good to spend a little while at the barn. I hope I can get out there again soon — the next few days are supposed to be beautiful!



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