Friday, April 17, 2009

If I could afford a second horse...

...This poor little malnourished pony would be the one.

The situation just reminds me so much of how I rescued Panama. He was just under a year old instead of 2, but he was also malnourished to the point of his growth being stunted. I could see the ridge of his spine almost as badly as you can see hers; he had a big wormy belly just like hers; and his feet had never been touched, just like hers. And of course, she has similar markings and a similar expression in her face — sweet and long-suffering, not daring to hope for a better life.

Unfortunately, I currently can't afford to pay the board for a second horse without moving Panama to someplace less expensive, and I've promised myself I'll never compromise his care in order to get another horse. Furthermore, it would cost me $400 to buy her plus at least another $600 to get her shipped out here, and I'd probably have to enlist the services of a rescue to help me out (because there is no way I'd leave her in that he!!hole while I waited for the Coggins test to come back).

Have you ever fallen in love at first sight with a horse that needed rescuing, but been unable (for whatever reason) to help?



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