Sunday, April 5, 2009

A horse is a horse...

...of course of course. What else did I expect?

I went over to the barn today, removed Panama's blanket, and spent a lot of time grooming him. He was shedding like crazy, so I spent a lot of time getting rid of as much hair as I could, and then I pulled out the spray conditioner and brushed out his mane and tail.

My horse all clean and groomed

I was thinking I might still take him for a walk off the property, so when I released him I left the halter on.

Bad idea! While I was putting his tote away and talking to the barn owner, he rolled twice in the mud, and got both himself...

My horse all muddy after rolling!

...and his halter...

My horse's halter, now caked with mud

...caked with mud.

Of course, being a horse he didn't seem to mind.

My horse all muddy after rolling!

What's the big deal, Mom?



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