Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Homemade summer remedies for horses

iconYou might remember back in September when I blogged about an awesome book called Stable Smarts, with tons of really useful information such as home remedies, things you can make for the barn, etc.

The book has some really good ideas for fly control and skin remedies for summer. Here are a few I'll be trying this summer:

* A 50/50 mixture of fly spray and mineral oil is supposed to make longer-lasting fly protection. I'm going to mix some to use in Panama's ears this summer. He's already starting to get ear mites again, poor baby!

* Vaseline kills bot eggs by smothering them. My trainer also told me to use Vaseline in Panama's ears last summer, to get rid of the ear mites. The problem is, it attracts dirt and makes it look like he has spikes growing out of his ears instead of hair. Last year I quickly turned to trying fly spray in his ears instead, but that of course has to be done every day (hence why I'm trying it mixed with mineral oil this summer!).

* Mineral oil soothes dry skin, and may also stop a horse from rubbing their tail area if they have itchy skin.

* A 50/50 mix of Listerine mouthwash and baby oil can solve itchy tail problems. Often this is caused by tiny mites, which the Listerine kills. The baby oil, of course, soothes the itchy skin. You'll find a spray bottle of this stuff in my grooming tote this summer — I am making it my mission to prevent Panama from rubbing the top of his tail all short this year!

There are tons of other tips and tricks in this book, such as using regular "people" lotion and Vaseline on hooves, making your own fly spray, making cold packs and bandages, and so on. There's also other invaluable stuff such as tips on leather care, blanketing, fence maintenance and repairs, and just about everything you can think of. I highly recommend this book for any horse owner!



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