Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

We've had a pretty dreary Easter — overcast all day, with a steady misty rain most of the afternoon — but I wasn't about to let that keep me from visiting my horse on Easter!

When I got there the rain was very light, and the horses were all out in the pasture. Panama was very dirty on his back, so I guess he probably got rained on earlier and then rolled. I haltered him and took him into the barn, draped the lead rope over his neck, and tried to convince him to stand still long enough for me to groom him. In so doing, I realized something else we need to work on: standing still when Mommy says so, even when not tied to something.

He actually wasn't too bad — the main problem being that he kept wanting to turn and see what I was doing. Eventually I got him curried and brushed, and then took his halter off. He didn't seem to want to leave once he was "free," though, so I brushed his mane and tail, too.

I wasn't ready to leave either, so for a little while I sat on the big rock just outside the barn. That's my favorite seat because it's positioned so that the barn shelters you from the wind, but faces south so that when the sun is out, you can warm yourself. The sun wasn't out today, of course, but with my hood up to shield my face from the rain it was surprisingly comfortable.

Panama didn't want to come outside, though, so I stood on tiptoe to peek through the window at him. (Apparently the windows are meant for the horses to look through, because they are a little too high for people.) I tapped on the glass and he came over to check things out.

My horse's nose in the window of the barn

(Please excuse the poor quality of the picture — I forgot my camera and had to rely on my phone for pictures!)

He still wouldn't come out, though, so I went inside and hung out with him for a little while. He was acting kind of petulant — he clearly wanted my attention, but also just as clearly didn't feel like remembering his manners.

I have a story about that, but I'll save it for tonight — this post is getting kind of long!

In the meantime, happy Easter, everyone!



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