Thursday, March 26, 2009

Our Colorado spring snowstorm has arrived!

Well, the forecasters weren't kidding when they said we'd be getting a major snowstorm today! This is what it looked like on my street just 30 minutes after it started:

Colorado spring snowstorm

It's hard to tell, but these are HUGE flakes in order to show up like that in the picture, and falling very fast and thick. It's even worse now.

By this morning, the winter storm warning had been revised to a blizzard warning, and we were told to expect up to 16 inches in the city. The schools had all closed in anticipation of the storm, even though it hadn't yet started! There was about a half inch on the ground from overnight snowfall, and dark looming clouds covering the sky, but no flakes.

I dropped Michael off at work early, around 7:45, and then headed over to the barn to check on Panama. It was good I did, because one of the straps on his blanket had come undone. I was also glad I had blanketed him, because he was hiding out in the barn even with the blanket on!

I guess the barn owner hadn't taken me (or the forecasters) seriously about the snow, because neither of the other two horses he usually blankets had theirs on. One of them (the alpha) was in the barn with Panama, and felt a bit cold to the touch. The other was hanging out near the gate, waiting for breakfast, but then she never seems to care about the cold anyway.

The fourth horse, who doesn't have a blanket, was hanging out at the door to the barn like he wanted to go inside, but the alpha was blocking the doorway and wouldn't let him in. Poor guy!

Anyway, it was lucky we got started early this morning, because the snow started only about 10 minutes after I got home!



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