Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ornery horse

Panama was being a pill today. He was pushing my buttons, and judging by his spunkiness, delighting in it mightily.

It was a little chilly when I got to the barn, so I sat down on a big rock with my back up against the barn, to sun myself just like the horses do. Panama saw me sitting down, and came right on over to check me out.

My curious horse

My curious horse

My curious horse

Standing over me, he proceeded to pester me by repeatedly trying to mouth me... every inch of me. It didn't matter how many times I pushed his face away, either. The nice version is that he knew I had treats in my pocket... The not-so-nice version is that he actually was trying to bite me, and not just get to the treats.

My MOUTHY horse

My MOUTHY horse

A fuzzy winter horse ear

All I wanted was a little sun to help me warm up, and I end up with this dummy standing over me!

Horse legs!

Ornery horse notwithstanding, I did manage to get another short bareback ride in.



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