Monday, February 23, 2009

The horse lords of The Lord of the Rings

Michael and I just finished watching the trilogy The Lord of the Rings — some of our favorite movies (and books, incidentally).

This is the first time I've actually seen The Lord of the Rings since before I became a horse owner, so I found myself paying far more attention to the horses (of which there are lots!) than I had before.

In fact, Michael and I had a conversation about who we would have been: hobbit, elf, dwarf, or a human from Gondor or Rohan. Of course, I chose Rohan — I would have been one of the horse-lords, no doubt about it! Even better if the Rohan theme would play as I galloped across golden fields. With mountains in the background, no less.

With the horses of LOTR still on my mind, I got on YouTube tonight and found several interesting, endearing, and even amusing videos about the actors' work with the horses in the filming of these movies. Here they are, for your viewing pleasure:

Does anyone else giggle seeing Orlando Bloom kissing his horse's nose repeatedly?

Viggo Mortensen is such a cowboy, but he is amazing with the horses too. I saw another clip where his horse goes to town itching his face on the back of Viggo's shoulder. You can tell by the way he stands so close to them, and appears to be so relaxed, that he is completely comfortable around them.

Not everyone was on the set was a great horseman, though. After seeing the other videos, I feel kind of bad for David Wenham...

I'd wondered during that charge whether he was actually riding a horse...



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