Monday, February 23, 2009

A four-legged, 750-pound toddler

I think my horse is just like a toddler: He knows how cute he is, and plays it up for all it's worth.

"Hey, Mom, whatcha doin'?"

My horse is cute and he knows it!

I visited for a little while again today. Can you believe I got out there three days in a row? (Never mind that the biggest reason I got out there today was because I had to get grain, and the feed store wasn't open yesterday.)

A friend of mine came out and visited with us. Since a different friend came out yesterday, Panama had two days of visitors — and this is why I'm sure he's figured out how cute he is. He is showing off in front of visitors by acting extra affectionate, following me around, and — unfortunately — by biting me in the leg today when I was chatting instead of paying attention to him.

That part wasn't so cute. He got a big slap on the shoulder for it, which made him back up a couple of steps and stare at me sulkily.

See, a toddler, just like I said.



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