Monday, February 9, 2009

For the love of a stall

I think I've mentioned before that my horse loves having a stall. For the first 2 years or so of his life, all he knew was pasture without shelter — and there were bad ice storms the winter he was on my in-laws' pasture, so he's had his share of being out in nasty weather.

When I brought Panama to Denver, it was to a barn where he had a stall and a run all to himself. He balked at going inside at first, but he quickly came to love having a stall. I soon noticed that when it was cold at night, he'd pee inside rather than go outside in the run, as he preferred to do when the weather was warm.

Although I now have him in an environment where he no longer has his own stall, there is a large open barn in the pasture that the horses can go in and out of as they please. It's a good setup, because he isn't confined, but it also confirms how much he loves a stall: He is the only horse there who sleeps in the barn every night, and stays inside anytime it is cold or wet.

Last night we got some rain, and I was worried about Panama getting wet — even the hardiest horse can get chilled if he is wet in cold weather, and heaven knows Panama (being an Arab cross) doesn't have a very thick winter coat. I emailed the barn owner asking him if he'd check on the horses at some point, and let me know if Panama was shivering. But when the owner emailed me back, it was to tell me that Panama was the only one in the barn, and he was completely dry.

I guess I should have known better. My horse isn't going to be caught outside during a rainstorm! What an endearingly spoiled little baby he is!



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