Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Anyone who supports horse slaughter needs to see these pictures

I didn't need to see these pictures to be convinced that horse slaughter is a horrible thing — whether it's done in Mexico, Canada, or the United States. (No, folks, reopening slaughter plants in the United States doesn't guarantee more humane slaughter for horses. It's still terrifying and inhumane for the horses. It just makes it closer to home, and therefore easier for kill buyers to access.)

And these pictures are only of the injuries and deaths suffered by horses during transport to slaughter facilities! Imagine what horrors await the ones who were "lucky" enough to survive!

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who do support horse slaughter. If you do, you NEED to view these pictures and see what exactly it is that you're supporting!

Warning: The pictures are extremely graphic. But if you support horse slaughter, then it shouldn't bother you, right?

And while you're at it, read this post about the horse slaughter pictures over at Fugly Horse of the Day. Her rant voices my feelings on the subject perfectly, plus she gives you links where you can do something about these atrocities.



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