Wednesday, February 25, 2009

And my farrier says...

The crack in my horse's hoof is no big deal.

He cleaned the edges up a bit with the file, and sanded the hoof wall with a sanding sponge, just like what you buy at Home Depot. It looks much better now, even though the crack is still there:

The crack in my horse's hoof, AFTER the farrier visit

I'll have to keep an eye on it, and my farrier wants me to keep it moisturized with Hoof Heal. But I can ride Panama without worrying about harming him.

The farrier did say that if the crack worsen, I may have to consider putting shoes on Panama. I made a face and said I'd rather not, and to my surprise, my farrier agreed: "I like to keep most horses barefoot if I can," he said. He did mention that there may be other options, which we'll discuss if it comes to that.

The threat of having to shoe Panama should be a good motivator for applying Hoof Heal regularly!



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